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What Is An Earthquake Shut Off Valve And Why Is It Important For LA Homes And Buildings

By Safe Gas Services Inc

They have been saying it for years, and we all know it is true. Those cities situated along the San Andreas Fault line are due for a big earthquake, and this means Las Angeles. One of the more dangerous events that can occur in a major earthquake is the breaking of gas lines. These breaks can cause leaks that cause buildings to fill up with gas. This creates a dangerous situation in an earthquake setting, as gas is highly flammable and could cause major damage and threaten lives. It is made even more dangerous by the fact that during and in the aftermath of an earthquake emergency response teams may have a difficult time reaching your building, or be occupied with other issues.

The solution to this is quite simple and could save lives and tens of thousands of dollars in damages. Install an Earthquake Shut Off Valve, from Safe Gas Services, in your building.

The valve is a simple device that is installed between the gas meter and the gas pipe. In the event of an earthquake, the valve blocks all gas from entering your home or building. It is a fairly simple mechanism, but one that can save not just your residence but also lives.

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